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Some Of The Many Choices You Have For Your Big Event

There are very many different types of social events at which there maybe a requirement for food service of one sort or another. Some may be full sit-down meals such as a wedding breakfast or a reunion, while others may be events at which snacks and sandwiches may be wanted. At Elite Event Caterers, as Indian caterers, we can provide you with food for any sort of occasion.

Of course, as event caterers we also provide you with table service if necessary, and we can help with bar staff, wedding cake cutting, and so on. The demand for Indian caterers has expanded considerably over the last few years, as there are now over 1 million Indians in Britain today, including many who were born in India. There are some large Indian communities in places such as Leicester, Wolverhampton, Hounslow, and Harrow.

At Elite Event Caterers we can prepare a huge range of vegetarian dishes, and you can choose from dozens of different recipes. Many Indians are strict vegetarians, and we are happy for our expert chefs to provide whatever they prefer.

Barbeque catering is also provided for many Indian catering needs. Traditional BBQ dishes can be prepared for outdoor events around the UK. The flavours and scents of these foods can be attractive and well arranged. These foods can also be prepared with several different types of marinades and will be prepared with a traditional tandoor oven.

For a wedding, at Elite Event Caterers we can provide whatever type of catering you require. So, for example, we can provide food only. This is ideal for those on a budget, but please note that it means what it says. Many people think that it simply excludes the bar – which it does – but it means more than that. You will be responsible for providing the tables and chairs, linens, and dinnerware. You will also need to buy your own alcohol and hire waiters/waitresses and a bartender.

You could also have food, drink, and serving staff, which is more expensive but still does not include dinnerware, linens, tables, and chairs.

Another type of catering is what is known as in-house. The only thing that is not provided is the wedding cake, but in most cases, we can arrange for that as well if you require us to.

There is also full service. This covers all of the above and also includes everything else – flowers, music, photographer, videographer, DJ, and anything else that you need.

There are lots of other events that we can cater for, too. For instance, you may want to celebrate your son or daughter’s 21st birthday, which is still a special birthday despite the fact that adulthood is now the age of 18. Perhaps you want a big reunion of all your college friends from days at university, or you might want to celebrate a 65th birthday or a retirement party. You might be holding a gala dinner where you want people to donate to a charity or perhaps your political party.

Whatever you need, at Elite Event Catering we’ve got you covered.

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