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Planning A Gujarati Wedding? Let’s Talk!

If you come from a Gujarati background, you will no doubt be largely vegetarian. Although there are some pockets of Gujarat that do include seafood, mutton, and chicken in their diet, the majority of the state is mainly of the Jain religion and so will follow those requirements.

At Elite Event Caterers, we can provide whatever sort of dishes you require, so as Gujarati caterers we are happy to prepare and serve whatever vegetarian dishes you prefer for an event, whether that is a wedding, family reunion, office Christmas party, celebration of your university degree, or anything else.

We carry out all of the catering for very many Gujarati weddings, and that doesn’t just include the food and drink, table service, and so on. It also includes things that are so important, such as the wedding stage décor. The wedding stage is, after all, the very centrepiece of your big day, and it has to be exactly the way that you want it.

The wedding stage can contain almost unlimited styles and designs and include flowers (obviously), but also drapes, curtains, mirrors, decorative stones, lamps, candles, and anything else that you wish, together with, of course, exceptional seating.

If you are holding a Mehndi the day before the wedding much the same applies. Although this may be a less expensive affair, nonetheless the Mehndi stage needs to be beautifully decorated as the bride is the centre of attraction as she has her henna decorations applied. The Mehndi has long been known as the girls’ party time, although today it is often attended by the groom and family as well, but nevertheless it can be a great lot of fun with all the singing and dancing that goes on, as well as the food. We can provide everything that you need for a Mehndi for however many people you invite.

As for the wedding itself, there are so many different options for the actual meal, but what you can be certain of is that at Elite Event Caterers we will ensure that you and your guests will enjoy food that is prepared by our expert team of chefs and that is nothing short of spectacular. We will never use anything other than the very finest ingredients that are available to cater for your wedding party.

To plan your wedding so that it exceeds your every expectation, we need to meet with you and discuss what you want, and we can help you with suggestions from other Gujarati weddings that we have catered for in the past.

Between us, let’s make this day the one that you and your guests will never forget!

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