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Muslim Catering For Corporate Events

At Elite Event Caterers we do handle a large number of weddings, but while they make up a large part of our overall business, we do also carry out catering for all sorts of other events as well.

Many corporate events require catering, even if that is not a full sit-down meal. For instance, you might be holding your annual general meeting, which is going to be attended by your shareholders, and having a side buffet where they can have a snack can help things to go with a swing. This can assist in putting your shareholders in a good frame of mind, which is always important when you want them to vote in a certain way on matters which are critical to the manner in which you run your business.

Another type of corporate event is a product launch. A great product launch is attended by employees, shareholders, members of the press, and even sometimes competitors, and it should have everyone buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Having snacks available should all be a part of the big day.

You might also have a training workshop for your employees. These might be essential, but at the same time they are not really something that anyone looks forward to, especially when they have a mountain of stuff on their desks. Training workshops are a reminder of schooldays, and, let’s face it, who wants to be reminded of school? Having snacks available can help to break the ice and get everyone in a better mood. Alternatively, if it is an all-day training session, you will need to have a lunch break in any case, so you could have us produce a sit-down meal for you.

As Muslim caterers, we prepare all food with strict regard to Halal requirements. Obviously, our meat dishes do not include any pork, and neither do they contain any pork-related ingredients which are non-Halal such as gelatin, lard, or pepsin for instance. All beef that we use is Zahiba which is slaughtered to the Islamic standard, as Muslims are not, of course, allowed non-Zahiba meat. If you need us to carryout the catering for any corporate event, we can let you have a list of  all the ingredients that will be used if you wish, so that you can be certain that everything is in accordance with Halal.

We also only use vegetable-based shortenings whenever we can, rather than animal-based, and, of course, there is no alcohol used at all. When serving food to your quests, we ensure that our waiting staff conform to a proper dress code. As Muslim caterers, we can also arrange for your Halal food to be served according to gender, so a male waiter will serve the men and a female waitress serve the women.

Another corporate event is the Christmas party. Although this is not a Muslim celebration as such, the office party is an annual event at which all employees can let their hair down and have some fun. Of course, it may be that not all of your employees are Muslim, but that is no problem because we can carry out the catering both for Muslims and non-Muslims, and we can provide two separate tables of snacks and side dishes so that your Muslim staff can eat and drink in the knowledge that they are consuming Halal food and are staying in accordance with the rules.

If you need Muslim catering for any event, just call us on 07956 557744 or 07961 557744. Alternatively, you can always email us on info@eliteeventcaterers.co.uk with your requirements.

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