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Making Your Asian Wedding Go With A Swing

As Asian wedding caterers, at Elite Event Caterers we know how to make your wedding go with a swing. And at a wedding reception, the food is the thing that will make or break it. Many people think that the most important thing is the decorations of the reception hall, the bar service, the speeches, and more. They are concerned about the entertainment. They might worry about where people are going to sit and whether Auntie Ananya will bore everyone to tears.

But in fact, everything centres around the food. Get it wrong, and people will be grumbling about it for months. Get that right, and everything else will fall into line. People will be saying how great everything looks and tastes, and how it must have cost a fortune for the caterers in order to produce such great food (when in fact, part of the secret was how brilliantly it was presented!).

This goes for many other functions too, not just weddings. Birthdays, anniversaries, parties, retirements, conferences: they all feature – and often revolve around – the food.

At Elite Event Caterers, we are all about producing fantastic food for your wedding, wherever you may be holding it. We provide catering up and down the country and are known for working with some of the best venues in the land. In particular, we have worked in many of the finest venues in London and the South-East, and so we know the personnel and logistics very well, which makes for a wedding reception that is going to be remembered for all the right reasons.

When planning any wedding there are a lot of things to take into consideration and this is why we always want to take the time to sit down and discuss your ideas. You may want certain specific foods and, of course, we can source and provide the recipes for you. You may want to ask us for ideas, because we know very well what sorts of things go down well at different weddings. So, you may want Gujerati catering, Halal catering, Pakistani catering, and so on, and at Elite Event Caterers we can produce whatever recipes you want for a particular ethnic region. And, of course, we know what foods get a big thumbs up from certain groups so we will be able to make suggestions for you.

As top Asian wedding caterers, we always endeavour to use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible because this will ensure that they are as fresh as possible. We are dedicated to using only the very finest ingredients for our dishes, no matter what the source. Your wedding day is special, so we would never dream of cutting corners.

We do ask you a lot of questions about your wedding but that is not because we are being “nosy” but because we want to be able to ensure that we can tailor our catering to your specific needs and desires. We strive to deliver top-quality service, but we are also always adaptable to your needs.

When we have had a discussion with you about your wishes, we then sit down and create a plan that will include all the various dishes that you require. When it is in a venue that we know, we can plan everything regarding seating, a bar, and so on, but if we have not worked at your venue beforehand, we will visit it and meet the staff there so that we can ensure that everything goes without a hitch on your big day. Our aim is always to create not just the food, but a day that will be remembered for years to come.  

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