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Punjabi Wedding Caterers

Some Suggestions For Punjabi Wedding Catering

The Punjabis are true connoisseurs when it comes to catering and are passionate about their cuisine. Indeed, most famous Indian chefs are Punjabis, and when it comes to MasterChef India, all of the judges on that show have one thing in common, and that is that they have all been Punjabis.

So, if you are going to get married and your heritage is Punjabi you will no doubt want Punjabi caterers to prepare and serve the food at your reception on the big day, and at Elite Event Caterers we are here to help you. Catering for Indian weddings is one of the staples of our existence, and we have been undertaking them for over five decades, so we have learned a thing or two.

We are always delighted to sit down with our clients and work together to devise a menu which will delight your family and friends on your wedding day. You will no doubt have some recipes in mind that you wish us to provide, and of course we will be able to make suggestions, possibly including some Punjabi dishes that you had not thought of.

Many Punjabi foods are vegetarian, of course, and will feature a glorious range of different vegetables together with several different spices including black pepper, coriander, and cinnamon. There are also several meat dishes such as the well-known tandoori chicken which we can prepare as either a starter or a main course depending upon your wishes.

Freshwater fish is also a very popular Punjabi food, since the Punjab is the land of the five rivers, and these include carp, trout, and catfish, with fish tikka being an Amritsari speciality. Since Punjab is a major producer of wheat, rice, and dairy products, these also feature largely in Punjabi cuisine with their rich buttery flavours. Onion, garlic, and ginger are also used extensively, together with the more traditional masalas and spices. A traditional Punjabi menu will also include different breads such as naan bread, lachha paratha, chapatti, and so on. For starters, how about chaat which can also be served with a variety of fruits?

For dessert, you could have patisa made with ghee butter and cardamom flavouring, or perhaps barfi.

Whatever sort of Punjabi menu you have in mind for your wedding day, let us meet up and discuss it together. Then we can work out the finer details in order to ensure that your day goes with a swing.

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