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Some Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding Breakfast

Planning your wedding catering should be a good fun experience but you can run into issues. If you don’t know your canapés from your bowl food, or your grazing tables from your sharing boards, things can quickly get confusing. On top of that you need to know how many portions of everything you will need and what your budget should be for the catering element of your wedding, so here are some suggestions to consider.

First you need to decide whether you are going to have a formal sit-down meal or whether you are going to have grazing tables, or perhaps for a summer wedding an outdoor barbecue. You also need to consider whether you need more than one meal. For instance, if you are having an afternoon wedding reception but your party is going on into the night, your guests will begin to get hungry again in the evening and so you might want a formal meal in the afternoon and snacks later.

You also need to know what the venue’s rules are when it comes to catering. Some venues will require you to use their own catering team if they have one, or they may require you to use a local catering company of their choice. Some may just offer you a list of approved caterers from which to choose, while others have no caterers or catering facilities at all. In the latter case, there is no need to worry because most catering companies can sort out everything from power supplies to ovens: they just need to know what is required at your venue.

When choosing a caterer, you need to know if that caterer can produce food in the style that you wish. For instance, at Elite Event Caterers we carry out the catering for very many Indian and Asian weddings, so if you need Gujarati caterers or Halal caterers, for instance, we’ve got you covered.

Probably the first and most important thing to know is whether we are free on your big day. We can get quite booked up from time to time, especially after the pandemic, since many couples have put off their big day but are now planning to go ahead as we get back to something approaching normal.

It is also useful with any catering company to check whether it has worked at your venue beforehand. This can help to make life easier, and our case we have worked at many major venues up and down the country, so we are familiar with many of them.

You also need to know if we have sufficient serving staff to cover a large venue (we do) and if we provide bar staff (we can). We can also cater for dietary requirements and allergies if any of your guests have specific issues. Obviously, we will need to know your final numbers and have a final decision on your menu in good time before your day so that we can obtain all the necessary ingredients.

As Gujarati caterers, among our other capabilities, we know that most Gujarati are vegetarian, but that there are some who eat chicken, eggs, and fish, and we can produce a menu accordingly, with a mix if required. We can also provide a wide variety of farsan.

Another thig to consider when planning a wedding breakfast is the possibility of a children’s menu. At many weddings there can be a number of children, and it may be that you want a special menu for them. We can provide this for you as well. Just tell us what you need, and you can leave the rest to us.

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