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Muslim Catering For Your Wedding

If you are Muslim and getting married – since after Freedom Day we can have a wedding reception once more – then you are obviously going to need someone to deal with the catering, unless you are planning to do it “in house” so to speak, with family and friends helping. However, most people choose to use an outside catering service for a wedding for two main reasons.

One is that most families don’t want to have their relatives slaving away in the kitchen while the rest of the family are enjoying the day, and the second is that when you use outside caterers you have peace of mind because you know that nothing is going to go wrong: nobody is going to drop the cake!

At Elite Event Caterers you can also have peace of mind because we are Muslim caterers, and for a Muslim wedding we stick rigidly to Halal rules. First and foremost, if you are going to have meat dishes included there will obviously be no pork. All our meat is Zabiha of course, as non-Zabiha meat is strictly forbidden.

Then, of course, our expert chefs will not use anything in the preparation of your foods which is not permitted for Muslims, and this includes things such as gelatin, which is extracted from pigs, lard (from the pig’s stomach), and pepsin which – while found in many animals – is also often extracted from the stomach of a pig. Furthermore, you can be sure that there is no alcohol involved either, as we won’t use things such as sherry, port, wine vinegar, and so on.

In addition, we are also very careful about shortenings. This is because animal shortenings can come from a variety of sources, and we cannot be sure whether it is Zabiha or not, so to be on the safe side we use vegetable-based shortenings with vegetable mono and di-glycerides in them. Furthermore, we will be happy to provide you with a list of all the ingredients that we will use for the preparation of your food if you wish.

Of course, all our chefs and wait staff will ensure that their hands are clean at all times, and all will be correctly dressed, with body, arms, and legs properly covered. As Muslim caterers, we also obviously know the serving code of men serving your male guests and women serving the female guests.

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